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The ballad of blackjack jezebel. Clockwork Dolls - Testo della canzone: The Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel - IT

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The unit of computer capacity equal to bytes is represented by this letter Q: This pugilistic pulitzer prize winner played architect stanford white in "ragtime" Q: Inhe escaped from chains after being underwater in San Francisco Bay for 2 minutes Q: He was offered the role of boy in "Tarzan" movies before he played Wally Cleaver Q: There are a total of categories for the Jeopardy!

After its destruction in the 3rd Punic War, the Romans sowed salt on its site Q: Most cats will do this "upon" most mice Q: Even when you throw dead flowers away you save this Q: This ornate art style, featuring flowing, curving lines, flourished in the late 's Q: The only 6-letter month Q: Perhaps her 5 marriages helped prepare this actress for her role as a "Golden Girl" Q: Fortune hunters in the postwar south named for the luggage they carried Q: Her anger spurred her on that trip To kill him for his lies.

You can get a knish at a Jewish one, or mozzarella at an Italian one Q: The "Intolerable Acts" of were intended to punish this rebellious colony Q: George Jefferson's occupation Q: Until one game destroyed her run The blow, it hit her hard.

Comic strip writer who launched a new career with his book "I, the Jury" Q: In the Double Jeopardy!

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The 7th fleet was sent to protect Americans in this country when Diem was overthrown in November Q: Motorola introduced a completely transistorized version of this, weighing just 40 lbs. Ironically, this symbol of American independence was cast in London in Q: Type of sound a sheep might make while being sheared on the table Q: It makes for a long day at the ball park Q: Speaking of her love for Caesar, Cleopatra described those "days" as when she was "green in judgement" Q: Begun on July 4, this presidential monument was finally dedicated in Q: Just take me in your arms again; I swear I always will.

Flying a jet fighter inJacqueline Cochran became the 1st woman to fly faster than the speed of this Q: Last name of the 1st American in space Q: The man she'd chased 'cross every sky Was quickly no more.

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Combining "information" with a word used for TV ads gives us this word for an informative ad Q: The first of these arts awards were presented in Q: Ancient weapon kept a stone's throw from its target Q: InJean Nidetch lost 72 pounds and started this company Q: June 4, Last Updated: Even with your eyes shut you can tell which was is up from your sense of balance in this organ Q: An immature flower, or letterman's Larry Melman Q: On a typewriter, elite type gives you 12 characters per inch, while this type gives you 10 Q: For a secretary they might be: She played "a woman called Golda," then won the Emmy posthumously Q: Unlike your fingers, the thumb has only this number of phalanges Q: To car buffs, a "mag" was originally a lightweight wheel made of this metal Q: Eye doctors call it "diplopia" Q: The substance used to preserve frogs that are dissected in Biology class Q: Instrument "Satchmo" played Q: The eye's clear outer layer where a soft lens wearer makes "contact" Q: