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This allows players to determine at a glance the amount of additional rollover it will take to unlock a particular bonus. Because of the nature of social media, social gaming also allows casinos to target their ads at friends of existing players, who should be more inclined to respond favourably. In that respect, MultiSlot provide everything a land-based or online casino could wish for: The future of iGaming lies in the hands of casino operators that are mobile-ready and heavily involved in social gaming.

This highly-customisable reporting facility can be set to display in numerical or graph format. While MultiSlot are content to deploy similar stylistic flourishes throughout their slots, each game has enough about it to differentiate it: Multislot and the Backend The flashing lights and big jackpots might be what attracts players, but behind the scenes at an online casino is where the real magic happens.

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Cash bonuses, bonus play and bonus money are all overseen by its dedicated bonus engine. Land-based operators can access the same suite of powerful tools, allowing them to remotely manage and monitor the casino floor. Game and feature development are of particular interest to the Isle of Man-based company, and it has released a number of proprietary features such as its Bonus Rollover Indicator.

Click on the barrel that serves as the spin button and watch the creatures tumble onto the payline in a series of baaahs, quacks and oinks. With tournaments, leaderboards and unlockable levels, MultiSlot provides a number of ways for casinos to engage with players and ultimately increase its level of customers.

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This may be calculated based on time or betting handle. The game uses a single deck of cards including a joker and sees players dealt 7 cards to start. This includes sportsbook betting, live casino, account transactions and processing monitors.

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In addition to enhancing the playing experience, this facility saves the casino operator from having to display this information. New Features, Familiar Games Not content to rest on its laurels, MultiSlot is constantly seeking to improve its products, with its slots a prime example.

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These fun games aid casinos by directing players towards the full site where the real revenue lies. Meanwhile, customisable reporting allows operators to receive hourly updates on game and player performance and to see how the progressive jackpots are stacking up.

Thanks to its global reach, facilitated by multi-language and multi-currency support, MultiSlot looks like riding the iGaming wave for the foreseeable. If cute sheep, ducks and pigs put a smile on your face, Barnyard Bucks is worth a look.

The boom in iGaming has coincided with the boom in smartphone ownership.