Slot limit on lake winnie. Winnibigoshish Fishing Lake Winnie Walleye Perch Pike Muskie

Public reaction to a DNR regulation proposal was mixed in written comments and at a September public meeting, Persons said. Most anglers will play by the rules - once they know them. Casting large spoons along the drop off from 5 to 8 feet of water will produce active Pike. Kavanaugh said he gets a good number of calls from people who would like to see slot limits placed on their lakes.

Although DNR officials offered to relax the Winnie slot to 18 to 26 inches from the current 17 to 26 inches, public testimony favored leaving the slot at 17 to 26 inches. I lost some friends over it initially.

But young anglers, especially, embrace slots, Sundin said.

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During spring and early summer, pike will roam the shallow water drop off areas where schools of Walleye, Perch and Suckers recovering from spawning, feed heavily on shallow water forage. This 55, acre lake is big enough to provide plenty of fishing opportunity, yet small enough to be manageable for folks with smaller boats and first time visitors.

As the water warms, perch seek out locations where crayfish frequent.

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Now more traditional fishing gear performs well. Nobody was keen on the idea of putting back walleyes that otherwise might have wound up in a frying pan.

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Larger northern pike spend mcuh of their time looking for cool water and feed on open water forage like cisco tulibeesuckers and large lake shiners. Maas says lots of Leech Lake anglers would like to see Leech Lake's slot limit replaced by a four-walleye limit with just one over 20 inches, similar to the statewide regulation that allows six walleyes with one over Trolling with live bait spinners and large minnows or large, deep diving crankbaits to help you trick a pike while they live on these flats.

People are perfectly happy with that. He hopes the DNR will be flexible enough to revise the slot limit if necessary. Jig and minnow combinations rigged with a heavy monofilament leader will capture less active pike that lurk closer to the bottom. On Winnie, walleyes are routinely caught in water with an average depth of 10 feet or less and as shallow as three feet, especially during cool water periods like spring and fall when large schools of minnows roam these shallow flats.

But there was little agreement on what the best approach would be. You will hear a lot about shiners when you visit the area, and even though I agree that those shiner minnows are a safe bet for Winnie walleyes, good size fatheads, rainbows and dace are also great choices.

Deer River fishing guide Jeff Sundin remembers speaking up for a slot limit that was slot limit on lake winnie for Lake Winnibigoshish in the late s. The slot on Mille Lacs lake is watched closely each summer, and it sometimes is relaxed, if overall harvest is low, to allow anglers to keep more fish.

Perch are especially active on these locations after the hatch of young of the year crayfish and will remain here until the food supply is diminished. When pike seem to disappear from the weeds, be sure to check these flats. The more restrictive limits require anglers to immediately release walleyes in a specific size range, perhaps 17 to 26 inches or 17 to 28 inches.

Paul by early November.

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Mixed gravel and weeds, light rock and other hard bottom areas are key locations. Some have come back around.

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A proposed change to an to inch slot limit was considered inbut public comment favored keeping the current regulation. Windy days will typically enhance the shallower bite, calm days favor fishing in somewhat deeper water or in heavier cover like weed beds located along the shoreline.

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People can submit written comments to Kavanaugh by email at chris. But inanglers were asked in creel surveys if they would prefer a more liberal slot limit of 18 to 25 inches, Kavanaugh said. Written and email comments on the proposal will be accepted through Nov. While the the state record was broken inWinnibigoshish claimed the Minnesota state record muskie for nearly 60 years.

When used in conjunction with other management tools, slot limits have proven effective in increasing anglers' catch rates and increasing the number of larger walleyes in a population.

It's that we're not keeping that odd big one. Woods has some concerns that Rainy Lake may have too many larger walleyes in its population now. The slot limit on Lake Winnibigoshish came up for review last fall. Six to six-and-a-half-foot rods in light to medium actions, slip sinker rigs—like the traditional Lindy rig—with medium length leaders of about five feet tipped with lively leeches or night crawlers will get you in the zone most of the time.

During late summer and early fall, pike will return to the shallow water wherever good weedbeds are present. A live bait rig or a live bait spinner rig tipped with a larger sucker, golden shiner or creek chub will catch these deeper pike. Most folks seeking bluegill or crappie venture into Cutfoot Sioux or Little Cutfoot Sioux where both can be found in excellent numbers and quality size.

The current regulation on Lake Winnibigoshish near Deer River requires anglers to release all walleyes from 17 to 26 inches with a daily limit of six fish. The first walleye slot limit was established on Rainy Lake in The regulations are being considered in response to concerns from anglers over a lack of smaller walleyes on those waters, coupled with DNR assessment data showing declines in the number of walleye of all sizes.

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