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Inventory management —the direction and control of activities with the purpose of getting the right inventory in the right place at the right time in the right quantity in the right form at the right cost. Exponential smoothing —forecasting method that is essentially a variation of a weighted moving average.

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High-piled combustible storage —term used in fire codes to refer to codes relating to floor or racked storage exceeding 12 feet in height or high-hazard commodity storage exceeding 6 feet in height. See also Obsolete Inventory Explosion-proof lift trucks —lift trucks designed to work in hazardous environments where highly combustible materials are present.

Extrusion —generally describes an item made of metal or plastic that is produced by forcing the raw material through a die extruding. Communication We believe that a major part of the criteria for successful property management is communication with the Owners.

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This results in our being a support system for the Owners instead of just being their managing agent. DRP may also be defined as Distribution Resource Planning which also includes determining labor, equipment, and warehouse space requirements.

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Did you know that we buy and sell and trade antique slot machines? It is basically a 4-way pallet that is 40 inches wide, by 48 inches deep, by 5 inches in height and has the deck boards and bottom boards mounted flush with with the outside stringers more detailed specs are available from the Grocery Manufacturer's Association.

Forklift-free plants —a strategy to eliminate or reduce forklift use in operations. Line item —a single detail record.

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When completely depressed it engages the brakes. Buy your next machine with confidence and know that we are boun final slot there after the sale. In reality, business software has been providing event-management functionality for years. Restore vacated apartments by painting, cleaning, etc. Lead time should include purchase order processing time, vendor processing time, in transit time, receiving, inspection, and any prepack times.

See also Wire-guided, Rail-guided, Laser-guided, Optical-guided. Adjustments for seasonality and trend are often necessary. This data is stored somewhere else the internet or other network but a standardized architecture allows you to access the data much like you would access a web page though this would be happening automatically behind the scenes.

Also see Racking Pics Page. We also repair many brands of genuine antique mechanical slots. The following positions are currently available: