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What happened throughout this sequence of hands? But there is a third option we can choose against a loose-passive player who flats a lot of 3-bets out of position, 4-bets a tight value range, and never 4-bet bluffs.

Both players operate with wide ranges, and all ranges have a significant percentage of bluffs in them, especially at the early stage raising and 3-betting Both players are willing to fold most of their bluffs but not all of themwhen their opponent reraises them back This results in ranges that start loose, but get more and more but never completely weighted towards value.

One thing that has happened here is that Alice has stopped 4-bet bluffing. We know from Part 1 that the Axs hands A5s-A2s work well as 5-bet bluffs.

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But note that this requires more than a simple fit-or-fold strategy postflop. We'll find a unique strategy pair for each of Alice's positions e. We expect to make a lot of money from their folding or flatting against our 4-bet, but when they 4-bet, it might be best for us to fold our hand, even if it started out as a value 3-betting hand.

We jump back and forth between Alice and Bob, and we'll see how they influence each others' strategies when they both are trying to play perfectly against each other, assuming the other player is also trying to play perfectly. Playing AJs for value after a 3-bet and going all-in with it was a big mistake. But against a player who flats extremely loose against a 3-bet, but only 4-bets his strongest hands and no bluffswe might be better off 3-betting for value against his calling range, but folding those few times he has a strong value hand and 4-bets us.

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He then decided that his AJs was a good hand against Villain's 3-bet range debatable, but not a big mistakeso he 4-bet for value wrong! Yes, AJs is a decent hand against the range that 3-bet you, but donkr holdem crushed by the range that 5-bets you, and it's your opponent who decides when the 5th bet goes in and that rarely happens unless he has the goods.

But the exact mixture of medium and weak hands in Alice's range is irrelevant.

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He will get 3-bet left and right, so he will have to fold a lot out of position which is correct. Hero open-raised AJs correctlyand he got 3-bet. The two players now both zoom in on a perfect strategy, designed not to lose against their opponent's perfect strategy.

We'll learn how to construct optimal 3-betting ranges, based on the raiser's opening range, and we'll learn how to play against a 4-bet.

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Note that 3-betting for thin value in this way also as a bonus effect: We'll do this thoroughly and methodically, so that you can learn the procedures inside out. Not every time of course, but on some flops and we'll use flop texture and our knowledge about Bob's range to determine which flops.

Bluff hands are hands we plan to fold if our opponent reraises us back.

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Then we are done with our discussion of flatting versus 3-betting for value with QQ against an openraiser. We could conceivably design a defense strategy where we fold weak hands, 4-bet strong hands, and call with medium donkr holdem, but this is not a good strategy out of position with bb stacks.

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But if the weak player we are trying to exploit has big leaks, this trade off will usually be worth it. The pot size before Bob's 5-bet is Regardless of whether we're the raiser or the 3-bettor, we want to understand which hands we can re raise for value, and which hands we re raise as bluffs.

Her effective pot odds on a steal raise are 1. And it's difficult to steal and outplay Villain when you are out of position.

Value hands are per definition hands we plan to raise and reraise until we are all-in. But by changing our strategy from optimal to exploitative, we are moving away from optimal play.

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Don't understand the roles different types of hands have in different types of ranges. And we might be able to exploit these weaknesses and turn them into leaks for him.

Obvious value hands like high pairs and AK have to be included, since these hands have a job to do in the ranges for 4-betting and calling 5-bets. If one of them can gain from switching to another strategy, then the original strategy wasn't optimal. Under these assumptions, we'll find an optimal strategy pair with a raising strategy including defense against a 3-bet and against a 5-bet for Alice, and a 3-betting strategy including defense against a 4-bet for Bob.

We simply choose 27bb as a representative value for a less-than-pot 4-bet, and the math won't change much if you use any number between 25bb and 30b instead.

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During the spring of he published a 3-part video series Optimal Preflop Play I-III at Stoxpoker, which contains most of the theory we use in this article. Those of you that don't want to memorize more ranges can use the previous strategy pairs. In practice, flatting should be more profitable than in the model, since we're playing postflop with position clinton iowa casino wild rose a range we're a small favorite against: But our inexperienced Hero did not realize what had just happened when he got 5-bet, and he stuck with his plan of playing AJs for value against what he perceived to be a wide and weak range.