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For truth-in-advertising purposes, one would think this event should be named the Jazz Music Marathon.

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Entry fees are non-refundable. The corral setup was smooth and actually ran quickly and efficiently, much better than I have experienced in the past with Rock and Roll events. The medal here was only ok.

Also, whoever coordinates volunteers was not on the ball this year. Timing and Scoring The races will be electronically timed and scored.

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Temperature at the finish line was 60 degrees with a few clouds, 38 percent relative humidity and a northwest wind of 14 mph. There was miscommunication about when the last bus left post race since the end is nowhere near the start.

Net or chip course de chien casino mardi gras are published for informational purposes only. However, every year I have run this race, they have made the course more and more boring. The Rock 'N Roll group is a pretty well-oiled machine and to that extent things ran smoothly. I don't mind running alone; but that might bother some people.

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This wasn't a big deal to me, but someone who isn't comfortable running by themselves might find this disconcerting to come so far into the run. You also received a marathon finishers jacket which was pretty nice. The street, a main thoroughfare in the Garden District, was characterized by many trees which gave us shade from the sun, a wide grassy neutral ground which provided space for the green street car line, and potholes, potholes, and more potholes, fortunately marked with white spray paint by a thoughtful group of organizers.

Your D-tag must be worn properly on one of your shoes. Music on the doesn't matter to me, but it might for some. After turning right on eastbound Robert E. The course was staggeringly flat, almost to the point where the lack of topography was worse than having a few hills for variety.

It was nice, but without much spectator support it wasn't much different than a typical weekend long run. The out-and-back on Carrolton was ridiculous and demoralizing. The result was an unencumbered beginning of our pancake flat course on three lanes of Poydras Street heading lakeside. Also, long portions without much in the way of spectators.

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When the weather cooperates, this is a definite PR race. Finish line was weak, food was lacking cheese-its and banana and the beer was Michelob Ultra television geant casino angers isn't beer. Very well executed expo with a good selection of race merchandise to choose from. TO sum it up, you basically run 13 miles of scenic New Orelans and 13 miles of sun-baked, shadeless, spectatorless suburbs and park by the Lakefront.

The expo was average. Preliminary results will be posted at the race site at the conclusion of the race.

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The back half was abandoned. Our mile trek down Peters and Decatur Streets took us past Jackson Square and Cafe du Monde, where the queue at this vintage coffee stand was longer than your average race course portolet.

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Race premiums are guaranteed to preregistered participants only and will be distributed to late and race-day registrants while supplies last. The short-sleeve shirt they gave you for the marathon was boring.

Competitor is a professional operation, but it is clear this event does not capture the hearts of New Orleans. But, with the flat course and great weather, it was definite PR type conditions and I was able to set a PR by about 10 minutes so no complaints for me. I ran through quite a few aid stations where the poor aid station workers were frantically pouring and handing out drinks.

There were a lot and they were all very friendly and helpful.

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A plurality of jazz musicians was a pleasant surprise for those of us who have eclectic tastes in music. So many great things to say, check out the blog post for a more complete discussion: My only disappointment was being too slow to finish on time to see the headline act, Trombone Shorty.

With the half-marathoners no longer around to keep us company and without any trees to give us shade from the sun, we now had to concentrate to maintain our pace for the rest of the race. Past Louisiana Avenue, our two lanes narrowed down to one, but despite this, congestion was not a significant issue.

Very windy and chilly to start the race. However, if you do not inform us of this issue before your award is given out we will no longer have an award to give to you and we can't remake awards. Had higher expectations for this race Given the fact that the time cut off is 7 hours, some of the music stations and stages were broken down by the time I got to them, and I was 45 minutes ahead of the cut off.

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Full results will be published on the NOTC web site after the race.