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However, Lund gives solid advice for anyone who wants to play them. Unfortunately, the average slot player didn't know any better.

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What usually happens, however, is that the player runs out of time or money and leaves a machine with the built up credits. The latter means that part of the money that is played into the machines is held in abeyance until a lucky player wins it.

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But now thanks to these banking machines a whole new type of casino player has evolved that can gain the advantage on these banking slot machines by playing them only after the credits in the bank have reached a specific level.

The credits in the bank continue to grow until three "Break the Bank" or other equivalent grouping symbols appear on the payline. For a free catalog call or visit www. On the newer Big Bang Piggy bankin' slot machines, credits are added into the piggy bank whenever you bet 3-coins and get three blank symbols. Slot pros knew from experience when a machine's bank was large enough to make it advantageous to play.

If you find a machine with at least forty credits you should sit down and play at one coin per spin until you break the bank. For sure there are others but they all have the same common feature, a bank which builds up credits.

Henry Tamburin is the author of six best selling casino gambling books including his latest Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling - The Best of the Best and is featured in three instructional videos.

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There are lots of different makes and models of banking slot machines on the casino floor. If you would like more information on the book, call the toll free number below and I'll gladly send you the details.

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The key to generating a profit on these machines is to know when the "banked" credits are high enough to make their payout schedules profitable. The banking feature adds excitement to playing the slots as players watch the number of credits increase as they play. By Henry Tamburin There is a whole new breed of slot machines that have hit the casino floor that have a banking feature.

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Usually casinos will seed the bank with 10 credits and as players continue to feed coins into the machine and end with a spin resulting in no payout, credits are added to the piggy bank. An example of a banking slot machine is the popular Piggy Bankin'.

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It will take them fewer coins to break the bank than credits in the bank, so they realize a profit. This banking feature also motivates slot players to play longer in the hope of winning the credits in the piggy bank.

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Credits obtained on a spin are added to the "piggy bank" that is seen on a screen. Skillful blackjack, video poker, and pai gow poker players use to be the only casino players who could gain the edge over the casino. The credits continue to grow until a lucky player would get the "break the bank symbol" on the far right reel and win all the built up credits.

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As soon as this occurs you leave the machine.