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White is a character not seen in the manga.

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She dies from a ceiling beam falling on top of her. Yamadano is a good friend of Black Jack. She used to work at a coffee shop until she came down with Cushing's Syndrome or known as Full-Moon Disease. Honma, his mentor and life-saver, who acted as the young boy's father-figure. Later, she is revealed to have ovarian cancerand is afraid to tell Black Jack because of her fear that having these parts removed will interfere with their relationship.

Pinoko's Twin Sister First Appearance: The other sister is named Benitokage. Kagemitsu immediately reveals that he had an ulterior absf black jack x40 for summoning his son: He died in the operating room. She is a kind girl who tries to prevent her brother from killing people.

Most technology doctors hired by the Japanese World Medicinal Organization with his evolution Machine to cure all the illness. In the manga, he dies in Volume 1 Chapter 5: Knowing his end was nearing, Guffaw laughed until he could laugh no more.

Gambling swings the manga, Volume 10 Chapter 2: In the anime, her name is Kumiko Honma. He told Ushigoro to go to a large hospital; and each made a promise — Ushigoro will come back and finish the construction while Black Jack will become the world's best doctor.

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He wears an eye patch covering his left eye. When he accompanied Black Jack to a skilled swordsmith by the name of Hyo Jisai, the swordsmith knew that he needled 10, people, of which are injured.

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He ended up getting cyanosis and eventually transferred far away. In this OVA, it is also shown that Kiriko does not charge immense amounts of money like Black Jack, nor did he consider his style of treatment as a 'solution to all sicknesses,' as demonstrated by his act of charity when he provided basic nutrients and some food to a patient suffering from what appeared to be severe anorexia at one point.

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Half a year after Rock's surgery, they got married. She is seen again in Volume 5 Chapter At first she despises Black Jack since she thought he only came for the inheritance but after finding out the truth, she secretly forgave him.

The reasons for Kagemitsu's behavior are later explained in the Black Jack 21 series.

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But it turns out that "Honma's Hematoma" is a disease caused by patients who already have artificial hearts. The family is always churning in drama, and she ended up deeply depressed. Before Black Jack moved in, the previous owner asked Ushigoro to build the house. He is seen yet again in Volume 5 Chapter He is known to have a limitless memory of random information, yet does terribly in school.

The sequel is Black Jack 21 TVwhich aired seventeen episodes from 10 April through 4 September of the same year. When she went into the house, a high magnitude earthquake shook his house. There is also a series called Black Jack ALIVE which was published inthis series was created from numerous artists adding stories onto the original series.

He is seen for the sixth time in Volume 11 Chapter In the series she has glaucoma, so she has to get a cornea transplant to save her eyesight. There was an original television series called Black Jack TVfeaturing 61 episodes that aired from 11 October through 6 March When they left, the couple that let the passengers stay, found the violin.

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She would always look away and say that that thing isn't her sister. In the anime, he appears as a doctor and friend of Black Jack, often referring patients with difficult to operate diseases to Black Jack and Black Jack tends to respect and listen to his opinion.

He always leaves his trademark hand print on the places he built; if the owner doesn't like it, he leaves it in the attic. He left his wife and son after the incident which was explained in Volume 7 Chapter 5: One day he treated a patient of Black Jack's, a child; but he made a terrible mistake. Crab, her memories returned and she forgot about Pinoko.

Takashi gave an unknown man a letter to deliver to Black Jack in Algiers. Anyone who drinks it will fall asleep, then their heartbeat will slow down and, in one hour, die. Nevertheless, the couple confesses their love before the operation while Megumi is "still a woman" in reality, a hysterectomy or oophorectomy can affect sexual function, but the side effects associated with these procedures are not as extreme as those depicted in this story.