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By nature of its location, each winter storm, or Nor'easter, presents a set of variables that could have a large range of results. DEWP On a buoy report, the dewpoint temperature taken at the same height as the air temperature measurement. It is also known as a "dryline" or "dry front". Besides the energy aspect of the storm, the rapid intensification is often very impressive.

Dividing Streamline Height The height above ground of the dividing streamline, as measured far upwind of a mountain barrier. He recalled a winter storm during his college days where fistfights broke out regarding snowfall forecasts. For convenience in comparing runoff with precipitation, the term is usually expressed in inches of depth during a given period of time over the drainage area or acre-feet per square mile.

The fact that the public is used to receiving ranges for snowfall totals is beneficial.

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Delta T Change in temperature. The potential problem exists when all the models point to over a foot of snow for a given area, and it makes sense to agree with this forecast and put it out to the public.

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Distribution Hydro Graph In hydrologic terms, a unit hydrograph of direct runoff modified to show the proportions of the volume of runoff that occur during successive equal units of time. A table showing the relation between the gage height and the discharge of a stream or conduit at a given gaging station.

Cast 21 blackjack Cloud A rotating "cloud" of dust or debris, near or on the ground, often appearing beneath a condensation funnel and surrounding the base of a tornado. Degradation In hydrologic terms, the geologic process by means of which various parts of the surface of the earth are worn down and carried away and their general level lowered, by the action of wind and water.

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Dew Moisture that has condensed on objects near the ground, whose temperatures have fallen below the dewpoint temperature. Discharge Table In hydrologic terms, 1.

If a dry slot happens to form over the mid-Atlantic coastline during the intensification of the low, which is often the case, than instead of over a foot of snow, the most populated regions might only see ". Direct Solar Radiation The component of solar radiation received by the earth's surface only from the direction of the sun's disk i.

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The Atmosphere Pearson Prentice Hall, This transference of energy makes is a very dynamic event. Dispersion The process of separating radiation into various wavelengths. For locations on the right-hand side of the track, a direct hit occurs when the cyclone passes to within a distance equal to twice the radius of maximum wind.

This term is similar to dust whirl, although the latter typically refers to a circulation which contains dust but not necessarily any debris. When pressure levels drop more than 24 milibars per 24 hours, we say the storm is "bombing" out. Depression A region of low atmospheric pressure that is usually accompanied by low clouds and precipitation.

Disappearing Solar Filament DSF In solar-terrestrial terms, the sudden timescale of minutes to hours disappearance of a solar filament prominence. Disk The visible surface of club slot salou sun or any heavenly body projected against the sky.

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The opposite of adiabatic. Divide In hydrologic terms, the high ground that forms the boundary of a watershed. DWPT - A measure of atmospheric moisture. Disdrometer Equipment that measures and records the size distribution of raindrops. A lot of "Nowcasting" is involved. A diagnostic model produces a wind field over an area by interpolating from actual wind observations.

Sometimes the dry slot can quickly "fill in" if the low intensifies and moisture wraps all the way around the center of circulation, but this is not always the case. The term is also sometimes used as a reference to a Tropical Depression. So even if a storm is forecast to dump " and most people see 4", there is a tendency for the public say, "I thought we were supposed to get 8"! Density of Snow In hydrologic terms, the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the volume which a given quantity of snow would occupy if it were reduced to weather dry slot, to the volume of the snow.

Decadal Occurring over a year period, such as an oscillation whose period is roughly 10 years "Pacific Decadal Oscillation".

Direct Flood Damage In hydrologic terms, the damage done to property, structures, goods, etc. A Nor'easter is a fun and challenging storm to watch develop for several reasons.

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Furious, viewers demanded blood and blood was let, jobs were lost and this blunder will be remembered for a long time in Philadelphia. Each mid-latitude cyclone presents this problem, because the dry slot is a feature of all Mid-Latitude cyclones. The consequences of a dry slot invasion are broad and can truly be a forecast buster. A table showing the relation between two mutually dependant quantities or variable over a given range of magnitude.

Generally, values greater than about 18 indicate sufficient instability for severe thunderstorm development.