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Like many NetEnt online casino games of the same kind, Blackjack Pro offers players to use the Insurance feature. These may be bet multiple times and may be combined. When you get an ace and a ten point card in a split hand, this does not count as an original Blackjack. Je kunt blackjack pro in het online casino uiteraard gratis spelen.

The sound can be turned on or off using the speaker icon. But if you do, you can place an extra bonus bet as part of the regular Blackjack game. This simply means your bonus bet is lost if no Jacks are involved.


If you are satisfied with your cards, you press the Stand button. Your experience gave you a clear understanding about the blackjack game. When you get two cards of the same value, the SPLIT button will also become available; you can click this if you want to split your hand. Double After you have seen your first two cards you are allowed to double.

Now you have various options for every hand: Blackjack Pro Bet Limits The minimum bet for Blackjack Pro is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 40 euros per playing round.

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The goal of the game is to get a hand that is a close to 21 points as possible, or of course getting 21 points. De maximale inzet voor dit gratis blackjack spel is 40 euro. Het aantal punten is gelijk aan de nummering op de kaarten.

Insurance You can opt to take insurance, you will have to pay half of the original bet for this. The bank must always have 17 or higher, when the point total is lower, the bank has to draw another card until the total is 17 or higher.

Game Tutorial Blackjack Blackjack Introduction Blackjack is an exciting card game that is standardly played with 4 decks of cards, jokers excluded. Kom je voer de 21 punten heen dan ga je bust, dan kun je niet meer winnen. You can bet up to 40 euros in chips. The dealer takes two cards making visible only one of them.

When the dealer receives the blackjack, the Insurance will give you the payoff with the ratio of 2: The question mark opens the help screen. Many skilled gamblers like to play Blackjack Pro for free.

This natural Blackjack always beats a hand of 21 points. You can place bets on a maximum of 3 hands.

Blackjack Introduction

There also is a Natural Blackjack; this is when you get a 10 point card 10, Jack, Queen, or King together with an Ace. These chips may be bet multiple times and may be combined.

This table game also attracts with its theoretical cash-back which is equal to You are also allowed to double after splitting. The following settings may be adjusted: Every hand now gets dealt two open cards, the bank gets one open and one closed card.

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Je mag per hand zo veel kaarten erbij pakken als je wilt. A draw is called a Push, in which case you will get your money back. Dan kan dat natuurlijk ook. The result of a round will directly be displayed on screen your winnings will automatically be added to your credit.

Het voornaamste verschil tussen het klassieke blackjack en blackjack pro van NetEnt is dat je met blackjack pro met 3 handen kunt spelen.

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This game offers an exciting gameplay with interesting winning ways and additional side bets. The minimum bet is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 40 euros. Blackjack Game Tutorial The following rules apply in Blackjack: De aas telt voor 1 of 11 en de overige kaarten voor 10 punten.

By splitting your hand you will also double your initial bet.