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Many stations especially Migrol which is owned by Migros are mini supermarkets. Plates are assigned based on experience, thus low number plates usually indicate someone who has been driving a long time i. It receives far more television coverage during the Olympics than figure skating! Stores close early the Thursday before and are open with reduced hours on Saturday.

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You may be required to pay for cable TV service even if you don't have a television. It is possible to get an exemption, but in this case you will have to pay a fee i.

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When Swiss eat dinner, it is not uncommon to find the plates as clean after a meal as they were before the meal. Thus, if you want to ask for one of something, only hold up the thumb. Of course, if you mis-read or forget the number, you may end up mis-labeling your produce.

Surprising Things About Switzerland

Switzerland has four official languages: If you sell the car and buy a new one, you keep the plate. The machines always accept coins, and frequently bills and credit cards.

Most people put both forearms or elbows ON the table whenever they are not eating. After all, how can you possibly have a meaningful discussion without at least 4 premium casino wordpress theme So, people walk around with the same cart, going into and out of stores.

If you want a "good" bag paper or plasticyou have to pay for it.

A less serious offence but still punishable by a fine is making a right turn not exactly at the intersection, but by getting into the right lane usually reserved for buses and taxis a couple of meters before the actual turn.

It's fairly amusing to watch people put out stuff and then other people wander by and carry it off sometimes at night using flashlights.

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FM radio stations are on both even and odd frequencies. One can be found in Lausanne near the rail station one for the whole city but the rates are quite high at 7 to 9 CHF per load for wash only, more for the driers.

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Easter is a BIG thing: One woman at a well-known business school keeps two Labrador retrievers in their own beds under her desk. There are special areas in neighbourhoods where you can deposit bottles color and white glass separatelyplastic, aluminium, paper, batteries etc.

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Some grocery stores have started using customer carried hand-held barcode scanners. Passenger cars all have 2 letters for the canton, e. If you protest and demand the photo, you have to pay a bigger fine if it turns out to be you in the photo. Also, relatively speaking, there is much less graffiti next step blackjack Switzerland than in neighboring countries e.

For produce or pastry that is sold by the piece you scan a barcode attached to the bin.

Most people in Switzerland have 4 to 5 weeks of vacation per year and take a few of these in August. Luckily, it's not hot very often in the summer at least, not for more than weeks!

Resident foreigners can be exempted from this rule, but you must obtain an official statement from an embassy that attests that the name is acceptable in the other country. Fines can be quite hefty several thousand Swiss francs, depending how much over the limit you were going. Sometimes, not even the toilet seat is included.

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In other words, the American "good manner" of eating with one hand and having the other in your lap, is perceived to be "strange". In the US, curbs are poured concrete. Postal addresses often do not include the apartment number, just the street address. This is largely because graffiti, particularly "artistic" graffiti, is not considered as much a problem as it is the US.

Inmany operators let you call the US for less than 5 cents a minute.

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You use a special card issued by the store to get the scanner and then as you take items off the shelf to put in your cart, you scan each item. Very low numbers e. One wonders how people manage to transport furniture when they move.

In the US, stations are only on odd frequencies e. Moreover, the influence of American culture for good or bad is easy to spot: This show follows actual rescue helicopter teams as they save injured mountain climbers, stranded hikers, and To prevent theft, there is random auditing where at checkout you will have to unload everything and the clerk scans each item to compare to the handheld scanner.

In order to use one in a supermarket, you drop due to slot reservation cs to deposit a CHF 2 coin in slot on top of the cart, which releases the chain by which the cart is attached to the next one. Yet, Switzerland is also a country that has been fiercely independent for more than years. By "postcard", they do not mean a card with a tourist picture, but rather an ATM card issued by the post office see above.