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Education rates are rising, and with them the size of people's dreams. Cleaning up the area is part of an overall effort to re-invent a downtown that had been allowed to run down and fragment.

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Games People Play Espanola's proximity to the northern pueblos enhances its cultural richness. The farolitos and luminarias lining the streets give Christmas Eve a special New Mexican flavor.

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Martinez reports a swelling of business interest in Espanola: Half a dozen entrepreneurs have opened shops on the street within the past year. The relocation of part of Nambe Mills' silver tableware operation to the park, says mayor Chavez, was clearly a force in attracting additional interest in the Espanola site.

Mission Convento, a centerpiece of plaza tourism development, will be a replica as close as historians can determine of the original church built in at the San Gabriel settlement founded nearby during Onate's reign. Historic Community Ironically, the tourism side of business growth in Espanola may actually precede the development of tourist destinations in town. By allowing land and tax inflation to run rampant, the capital city may have begun to squeeze itself out of the business recruitment business.

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They've been doing their homework. Tradition gives as the immediate cause of hostilities, the caving in of a silver mine with great loss of life by the enslaved Indians. Indian gambling is a dominant influence on the city, though the verdict is still out on its ultimate impact. Santa Fe's loss will likely be Espanola's gain.

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That will soon change. And the city itself receives no direct share of gambling proceeds in the form of gross receipts. But the village of Santa Cruz, now a sort of Espanola suburb, has been an active norteno community for over two centuries, its ancient church a landmark in the area.

That impulse has been aided recently by a decline in tourism in the state, which makes the two main tourist centers less attractive as high-rent commercial sites.

Abuelas y abuelos hunch on storefront sidewalks, pausing to talk about old times and new changes, of deaths and births, family triumphs and tragedies.

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The company's efforts will increase its own employee pool and some of those workers will likely find employment in the expanding Espanola job market. Many of the patrons are local. Because mining had been carried on by the Colonists, the Natives destroyed all traces of the mines.

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Unlike many such "incubators," this one offers a slight twist. With that growth in pride, a vigorous new era of economic growth and opportunity may be just ahead for the city. Sunwest Bank, for one, offers low-cost loans for downtown property renovation. A third casino at Tesuque Pueblo is also in operation.

With that growth, a vigorous new era may be just ahead for the city. Northern New Mexico Community College is also responding the accelerating high tech presence in Espanola, helping create a pool of techies who will likely find jobs in town and in other parts of the state. In they took the lead in expelling the colonists.

First Security Bank's Espanola branch manager, Rudy Roybal, reports that local banks have seen a rise in bad checks, savings and casino ATM withdrawals, a trend he and other bankers trace directly to gambling. With support from Intel Corp. Many here believe Espanola residents make trips to Santa Fe specifically to visit the discount department store, leaving food, gas and other money in the capital city instead of in their own community.

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But that proximity also fosters what may be clouds on the city's bright horizon. Pojoaque alone, with its casino and other aggressive commercial ventures including a new staff sports baremploys around workers, some from Espanola.

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Native Americans have inhabited the region for over a thousand years, and maybe for ten times that long. That money benefits the entire city.

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The railroad has disappeared, but the city has grown and prospered as the commercial center for the Valley's smaller villages. And that's no joke. IndianSpanish and Anglo.

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New residents are coming too, as evidenced by five new housing developments that have sprung up in the past few years. San Juan's casino employment runs at over Likewise, city officials are concerned that Santa Clara Pueblo has recently purchased Big Rock Shopping Center, the largest commercial center in town.

The San Juan Indians had welcomed the Spanish in Close to 60, people rely on Espanola to satisfy their basic and other needs. Deep Hispanic family roots coexist easily with contemporary values and practices, giving Espanola its own unique personality.

Santa Clara Pueblo is also considering moving the annual Northern Pueblos arts and crafts fair to the area.