Mazda FE3 motor

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If you keep it to the same level as stock then you can expect around My line of thought is that I wanted rwhp, I could have boosted my existing 1. Use with 12 volt negative ground system.

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I located a 1. I would say with a lot of modification.

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The sump was shortened and moved rearward to match the Miata pan and fit in the subframe. Custom fabricated oil pan to fit the Miata chassis started as a Sportage pan.

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No help to speak of. Q I don't know about you, but I've been unable to get any FE3 parts, only whole motors.

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I found the Sportage block I was using had a crack in the cooling passage on the exhaust side so I have been busy trying to source another block. The company has also invested to rebuild and extend the Spur range and rebuild the brand both in the UK and around the world.

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The F series engine is Mazda's big block and the B series is the small block. Only two of the holes line up so had to oblong the 4 other holes.

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The factory FET rods are actually quite stout. The FE3 head has 4 bosses cast into the rear of the head for sensors. Let me know what you think about my page.

Senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting. Since I wanted to use neither of these big hunks of cast iron I just bent the end of the steel adjustment bracket with the attachment hole 90 degrees and double nutted a rod end into it.

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At the same time I gambling compliance however score a nice set of brand new forged JE custom 89mm forged full-floater Cosworth Vega pistons made for a 6" rod 1. Intake is similar but different.