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How casino comps work, for blackjack,...

And since you don't know which of these events will occur on your next trip conceivably bothyou have to be ready to ask either way. Be grateful and show your appreciation to your host when you receive these gifts.

When in doubt, ask. Here's how one fellow did it. How long do I have to play each day?

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Introduce yourself to a host, and ask him what it takes to get a free room, RFB room, food, beveragesor free air fare. Here's how to expand a meal comp. Always try to develop a relationship with a host.

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The casinos are not happy with the customers who do this and will remember you in a negative light if this occurs. Leave some of your smaller denomination chips at the table and leave the game for 10 to 15 minutes an hour.

Make sure that you're using a player's card.

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Just make your request in a polite demeanor and maybe even make some small talk. You'll get credit every time you play the machines, and you'll be eligible for discounted room rates, free meals, and other casino goodies—plus you can use the card to scrape the ice off your car's windshield.

If you work on him a little in a nice way he may pump up your rating. By using a card you develop equity in the property and are eligible for cash back or comps as the case may be. As the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so does the outgoing casino player.

It's usually the cheapest—for you and the casino. If you ask for a meal comp at a slot club booth, they'll almost always deduct points in exchange.

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Many times I have gotten crazy and outlandish requests Show up with your meal-mate after the buffet has closed and tell a pit boss you came all this way, suffered traffic and parking only to find out the buffet is closed.

This is not always easy to determine and it does change, but there are sources on the Internet that can help.

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