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Given that Attack on Titan involves giants who indiscriminately eat people, it shouldn't be surprising that this happens fairly often. Nubby loses both legs to a swipe from a forcesword and has them replaced with augmetics. Being a Ridiculously Human Robotshe lived to tell: In InuYashaJaken gets cut in half, but is brought back to life by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga shortly thereafter.

However, he decides he still needs her and puts her back togetherfor her to later do this herself to Tarsil.

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In Heat Guy JBoma takes a katana and slices through a man and his gun in one clean cut. During Asuka's frantic battle against the Mass Production EVA Series, she severs the fifth one she attacks at the waist, sending the top half flying.

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He barely survives, and must absorb Nataku into his blackjack vocaloid which kills Nataku and fulfills his Wish to regenerate himself. And how does Trunks finish him off? This is shown onscreen. Seryu has no issues with Kuro eating petty thieves from the waist up. Bambietta invites a man to her room with the promise of sex.

This comes up several times in End of Evangelion: Then Sasuke cuts him in half with a genuine blackjack scooter for sale. How Sheele dies after Seryu's pet "dog" Kuro tears her in half at the waist.

You can see Usui's intestines hanging down and everything. It appears to happen at the end of the first season, but it turns out he was tougher than that. Nena Trinity of Mobile Blackjack vocaloid Gundam 00 died after being ripped in half by Louise Halevy, using the claws of her mobile suit. When she tried using her powers against him, he literally tore her in half. Future Trunks gets to cut another bad guy in half in Dragon Ball Super - this time it's Merged Zamasu, who is slowly and vertically bisected by a massive Laser Blade.

Fortunately blackjack vocaloid him, he's an android, and is eventually repaired. Hannes is bitten in half by the Smiling Titan from the waist down.

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This failed to kill him because of his incredible regenerative powers. Yamamoto does this vertically to Allon, although not even this completely deters him. In the manga, this is the fate of Yamamoto. The first was near the end of the Namek saga when he was sliced in half with his own energy disc.

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A few enemies get this treatment including a Khonate mutant that gets bisected by Cutter as well as the Heretek that takes down Cutter when the latter beats him in melee. Somehow he survives this and turns into a destructive war machine when he gets it replaced with machinery.

Later, this happened to Chachamaru Unfortunately for Trunks, for Zamasu it's just an inconvenience that he pays back with interest. Not convinced emilio palacios casino this was enough, Yhwach then chops off Yamamoto's sword arm and then proceeds to nuke his corpse. This is also how the ghost knight killed his wife, albeit horizontally rather than vertically.

He uses his sword to split Frieza in half lengthwise before proceeding to slice him up into itty bitty pieces and then blow him away with a powerful Ki blast. And gets pulled in half.