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An unapologetically vile and twisted tale in which a hot and busty GIMP is relentlessly tortured to death by a trio of female sadists for no apparent reason other than that she is hot and busty.

Sandblasting Services We also provides a number of different sandblasting services.

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Rack, hot iron, hot needles, roasting alive, death. Interrogation of underground members.

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More interrogation, apache gold casino team roping whipping. She had done the unthinkable, the one thing she was not to do ever, embarrass her Master publicly Indeed, what shall they not? I just added a lot more to the account and details to make it more interesting.

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Worse, his wife and daughter had been dragged to the Count's subterranean chamber and would pay for his temerity with their agony A lawyer is arrested and interrogated by the secret police. She is still very promising and fit, but when she arrives sd slot treiber her mission, she finds it much more of a daunting and horrifying task than she'd ever imagined possible.

When she rejects his foul advances, he and his brutal henchmen punish her severely for not submitting to their depraved desires. Natasha finds out that being a bad girlfriend can be a big mistake.

A young Disney Star is kidnapped, tortured and assaulted by a group of psychotic fans. Will her sisters suffer the same fate? As Bond's activities trying to seduce Largo's mistress, Domino, are too conspicuous, Largo send his henchmen to kidnap Paula and extract some information from her, by the usual means.

Not for the squeamish! Who will be next?

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We can complete the project all at once or section by section to accommodate your budget. A murderous, 18th century pirate queen? In February a young Malaysian businessman at a trade conference in Jakarta has a wild night of hard BDSM play and sex in his hotel room with a gorgeous young Western girl. Each victim breaks under torture and leads the inquisitor to the next story.

Our team of painters is equipped with high powered diesel air compressors and the latest sandblasting technology. A lost Spanish galleon full of gold and antique artefacts might have been found off Bermuda by a couple of amateur divers and treasure hunters. Whipping, burning, wasps, breast torture, genital torture, rape, bastinado. She swore that her interrogators would never learn anything from her, but that was before she found herself being stretched far beyond the limits of her strong, young body.

When she wakes Diana is detained by security guards and accused of spying.

Carmen immediately defects to El Diablo and betrays her mistress to cruel torture by being roasted alive. When the daughter of one of the leaders of the opposition is captured she suffers brutally before giving up a name.


She meets a horrible, slow demise after sadistic torture and graphic sexual abuse from her lesbian captor. A young agent wakes up in a cell bound by chains from a drug induced sleep.

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We paint interior ceilings, sidewalls and structure steel.